Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ultra Movie Review Bonanza!

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (2009) 

This raunchy comedy centers around 3 friends and a bachelor party (sounds like a formula in Hollywood nowadays). Lots of funny scenes, some not so funny ones. Lots of nudity and gorgeous women, however I found the main character, Tucker, to be unconnectable. There was some laugh out loud hilarious spots in the movie. 

Score: 6.7-7.0/10

Extract (2009) 

The next movie in this mega review of sorts is Mike Judge's Extract. This movie has some high power hollywood performers (Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck) and they do not disappoint. A comedy reminiscent of Judge's Office Space this movie is hilarious. Bateman and Affleck have great report throughout the film and help make the film what it is. 

Score: 7.6-8.0/10 

Hellboy (2004)

This delightful sci-fi/action flick features the exploits of the love-able demon Hellboy. Lots of fun action and even some romance, with some humor thrown in. Don't pass on this movie as another one of just many in this genre. 

Overall: 7.8-8.2/10

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

This is one of the rare occasions where the sequel lives up to, if not exceeds the original in quality. Another set of good performances by the whole cast, and another good storyline for the movie. May have been overlooked a little, but it's box office numbers don't suggest that. 

Score: 7.8-8.2/10

He Was A Quiet Man (2007) 

This hardly known independent film was absolutely stunning, and will keep you twisted about what is really going on until the last minute. Both Christian Slater and Elisha Cuthbert turn in amazing performances (and you get an amazing view of Cuthbert's breasts ;) ) in this film that will leave you thinking at the end.

Score: 8.5-8.7/10 

Frost/Nixon (2008) 

This highly touted film from Ron Howard about the famous interviews of Former President Nixon by David Frost in 1977 is quite compelling. Although I don't agree with some of the critics with it's talks of best picture, it was rather good and the performances were stunning throughout.

Score: 8.5-8.8/10 


  1. I liked the hellboy movies, but I like ron perlman as an actor too

  2. I'll check out the Slater movie. As for the others, i didnt like Beer at all, i thought it was just vulgar to be vulgar. Too low brow for me. Even though i'm a big low brow fan, you gotta be somewhat classy about it, It's Always Sunny does it perfect. That movie however felt like a bad Comedy Central production.

  3. Hellboys were fun, gonna check out He was a Quiet Man, Frost Nixon is very good, and I didn't like I hope they serve beer in hell. Good reviews.

  4. hmmm i'll check out the Frost/Nixon movie
    a friend of mine said it was kinda OK

  5. I heard Beer in Hell really sucked. Want to see the Slater movie though.

  6. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell <- this sounds like i could watch it even if it's a low budget :D

  7. is the first movie an indie movie? never heard of it.

    Thanks for this selection

  8. I've seen all of these, and enjoyed them all. Nice blog. Following.

  9. Extract and He was a quite man both sound interesting, will check them out, thanks.

  10. Great review Awesome post man! great blog!

  11. Nice streamlined process of reviews. I agree with some of them.

  12. I hadn't heard of Extract before. I like Jason Bateman movies, Arrested Development made me fall in love with him.

  13. I always wanted to see Extract.

  14. you gave hellboy 2 too high of a rating

  15. i actually saw I hope they serve beer in hell. Having read the actual Tucker Max stories, I knew everything the story was based around. I thought it was a fucking great movie

    though i was drunk at the time... perception is relative i suppose