Thursday, June 9, 2011


So if you haven't heard by now Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner is currently going through a scandal of shall we say tweet length proportions. Rep. Weiner sent a picture of well...his weiner, to a female that isn't his wife, over twitter. 

This of course is drawing a ton of fire from the right, and having the left avoid him, despite this the once rising liberal star is no stepping down. 

What're your thoughts? 

Friday, June 3, 2011


I've had a giant headache for most of the day, sorry that there hasn't been any or won't be any real updates today.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ultra Movie Review Bonanza!

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (2009) 

This raunchy comedy centers around 3 friends and a bachelor party (sounds like a formula in Hollywood nowadays). Lots of funny scenes, some not so funny ones. Lots of nudity and gorgeous women, however I found the main character, Tucker, to be unconnectable. There was some laugh out loud hilarious spots in the movie. 

Score: 6.7-7.0/10

Extract (2009) 

The next movie in this mega review of sorts is Mike Judge's Extract. This movie has some high power hollywood performers (Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck) and they do not disappoint. A comedy reminiscent of Judge's Office Space this movie is hilarious. Bateman and Affleck have great report throughout the film and help make the film what it is. 

Score: 7.6-8.0/10 

Hellboy (2004)

This delightful sci-fi/action flick features the exploits of the love-able demon Hellboy. Lots of fun action and even some romance, with some humor thrown in. Don't pass on this movie as another one of just many in this genre. 

Overall: 7.8-8.2/10

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

This is one of the rare occasions where the sequel lives up to, if not exceeds the original in quality. Another set of good performances by the whole cast, and another good storyline for the movie. May have been overlooked a little, but it's box office numbers don't suggest that. 

Score: 7.8-8.2/10

He Was A Quiet Man (2007) 

This hardly known independent film was absolutely stunning, and will keep you twisted about what is really going on until the last minute. Both Christian Slater and Elisha Cuthbert turn in amazing performances (and you get an amazing view of Cuthbert's breasts ;) ) in this film that will leave you thinking at the end.

Score: 8.5-8.7/10 

Frost/Nixon (2008) 

This highly touted film from Ron Howard about the famous interviews of Former President Nixon by David Frost in 1977 is quite compelling. Although I don't agree with some of the critics with it's talks of best picture, it was rather good and the performances were stunning throughout.

Score: 8.5-8.8/10 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stanley Cup Final Game 1 Analysis And Other News

Well folks we had a great game today. Game 1 in Vancouver was a great contest, a real old time duel between netminders. Time Thomas and Roberto Luongo battled all game, not allowing any goals until 18.5 seconds left in the 3rd period. Thomas came out slightly too far and the 'Nucks were able to slip one by to get the 1-0 winner to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

The Bruins looked very slow in the 3rd period. While both teams were gased watching the game it really seamed like the B's were exhausted, maybe a sign of the long ECF battle against the Bolts, either way they still were near perfect. The series started very physical like most Cup Finals, which helped the B's slightly. The series should shape up to be a good one in the B's can steal a game in Vancouver.

Other News: 

  • Complete opposites in Chicago baseball today as the White Sox swept the Red Sox, and the Cubs got swept by the Astros 
  • Shaq retired, ending his 19 year Hall Of Fame NBA career
  • The mens semi-finals in the French Open are all set, should be some great matchs with the top 4 seeds in the semis 
  • Dirk Nowitzki injured his finger in game 1 of the NBA finals, we'll see how this effects the rest of the series

Atlanta Thrashers To Move To Winnipeg Manitoba, And Other Sports News

It's official folks! The Atlanta Thrashers are moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba (that's Canada). The NHL will return to Winnipeg after a 15 season absence. The move was expected to happen for a couple weeks now as local ownership options in Atlanta fell through and True North stepped up and purchased the team. A lot of questions remain such as: What will the team name be? What division will they play in?  What happens to the current AHL tenet in Winnipeg? Among all the questions though is celebration and hope. The people of Winnipeg (and Manitoba in general) deserve an NHL team, and this brings hope to old NHL towns such as Quebec City and Hartford. I'm firmly on board with this move, and future ones of southern teams north. More on this subject to come. 

Huge News out of Columbus, Ohio today, Head Coach Jim Tressel has stepped down. Amid all the current controversy surrounding the Ohio State football program coach Tressel has stepped down. Already suspended for the first 5 games along with some prominent players, Ohio State now looks like it's in even more trouble heading into this season. 

News Briefs:
  • Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the NBA final 92-84
  • Rodger Federer and Andy Murray both advanced into the French Open Semi-finals
  • The Stanley Cup Finals kick off tomorrow in Vancouver 
  • Kevin McHale agrees to be the new Head Coach of the Houston Rockets

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Movie Review: It's Kind Of A Funny Story (2010)

Warning may contain slight teasers! 

So in another Redbox trip for the weekend I rented both The Social Network and It's Kind Of A Funny Story. Considering most people have probably already seen/read about The Social Network I figured I'd review the lesser known of my two rentals. 

It's Kind Of A Funny Story is based of the novel of the same name that came out in 2006 by Ned Vizzini. I reluctantly gave this movie a chance, I had read the book more then once in the past and have been reluctant to have books ruined by movies like they have been before. 

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well this movie was done. The actors really pulled off their parts well and the plot did not deviate too far from the book, which I love. The score for the film which was done by Broken Social Scene was excellent. And like the other movies I've reviewed there was some nice eye candy with Emma Roberts. 

Overall this film was very well done and heart warming. I'd give it a 8.75-9.2/10.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movie Review: I Am Number Four (2011)

Warning May Contain Slight Spoilers! 

So having received a free Redbox rental I decided to use it on I Am Number Four, the commercials convinced me that it was worth a free rental. 

This movie is adapted from the novel of the same name and revolves around the exploits of a teenage alien for the planet Lorein, like most teenage aliens that are sent to Earth his planet was at war/destroyed before being sent here. 

The plot is solid for a sci-fi flick and follows typical character arches. There is also the whole teenager love plot line with a little hottie, which of course complicates things like all women do. 

Overall the plot was good, the visuals were pretty cool, and by the end you kinda wanted to see a possible sequel. Overall I'd give it around a 7.3-7.8/10.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day in Sports: May 26th

The main event of today was Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Bulls and Heat. The game really changed in favor of the Heat around 2:30 left in the 3rd quarter off of a flagrant foul against Carlos Boozer. The Heat really just outplayed the Bulls from that point on and beat my hometown Bulls by 3. 83-80 Miami, winning then the series 4-1.

This sets up a Finals matchup against Dallas with took the West.

Other Briefs:

  • Red Sox won huge 14-1
  • White Sox finally pull it together a pull off a 3-1 win
  • A fan fell to his death at the Rockies game. 
  • The heavily favored Kim Clijsters got upset in the 2nd round of the French Open
  • Nadal won in straight sets at the French 
  • Doug Weight retired after 19 NHL seasons, he joined the Islanders coaching staff and front office
NHL News

New Jets? - The Atlanta Thrashers are 95% certain to move to Winnipeg, Manitoba. The NHL left Winnipeg 15 seasons ago and fled to hot climate of Phoenix. Personally I am not a fan of warm weather teams, but my plan for the NHL will be discussed in a later post. 

ECF Game 7: After a huge performance in Game 6 the Bolts pushed it to the pivotal Game 7 against the Bruins. Tomorrow we will find out the matchup for the Stanley Cup Final. Either way I hope the winner of this Game 7 wins the cup. 

Comment with anything you want me to cover or what you like about my coverage. 

Review: The Hangover Part II (2011)


I will say that I came in expecting the movie to be inferior to the first installment of the series. Even so I was expecting to laugh a lot more then I found myself. While the movie had some laugh out loud moments, it really felt like it was all just a remake of the first one.

The plot line this time wasn't as sturdy and a ton of the lines from Allen were just expected or plain dumb. I will say that Stu's bride to be is smoking hot which was a pleasant surprise, and you really can't beat a monkey. The movie dragged on, seemed much longer then it actually was.

That being said it still held my attention. Worth seeing it it's only $5.

Overall I'd give it around 6.5-7/10. Like the first installment it has little to no replay value.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day in sports.

With the conclusion of the exciting Game 6 just a few seconds ago, the Bolts tied the series with the Bruins to push it to a game 7. As usual Game 7 is up in the air with all Game 7's.

I still think the B's will pull it off, and then beat the Canucks for the cup.

Other stuff:

  • Mariano pitched in his 1000th game as a Yankee, quite a feat. 
  • My White Sox lost 
  • OKC and Dallas are battling hard in the WCF
EDIT: Well looks like the Mavs are a pretty dominate team, having come back to beat the Thunder once again. The Thunder are a good team, just way too inexperienced to pull off this series, they will be very good in the near future, if they can keep their pieces in place. 

The Soul? Real or Fake

I know that this topic is all based on faith for the most part, but I was reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown earlier (I know, I know Fiction but roll with this) and in the book the one character (Katherine) conducts an experiment that proves that the human body lost some kind of weight right after death.

It got me thinking about this, I never really thought that souls were real, but if science could prove somehow the same thing that the book claimed, I think I could accept the reality of a soul.

What're your thoughts?

*P.S. : Not finished with the book so no spoilers please.

WCF: Thoughts

I will admit that I am 100% biased against the Canucks being a diehard Hawks fan, but I will say that they did play a good series, even if their final goal was a little shady.

The Sedins and LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU did pick up their game in this series, I still think that they will fall on their face in the Finals like they have over the last few years. 

The East *will produce the Cup champion.  

Sidenote: Everyone please keep Stan Mikita in your thoughts, hopefully he gets rid of his new found cancer quickly. 

* Prediction is Bruins in 5; or Tampa in 7 depending on who wins the ECF

EDIT: Getting lots of love on the "Hope the Canucks get swept in the Finals" Facebook status :)