Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WCF: Thoughts

I will admit that I am 100% biased against the Canucks being a diehard Hawks fan, but I will say that they did play a good series, even if their final goal was a little shady.

The Sedins and LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU did pick up their game in this series, I still think that they will fall on their face in the Finals like they have over the last few years. 

The East *will produce the Cup champion.  

Sidenote: Everyone please keep Stan Mikita in your thoughts, hopefully he gets rid of his new found cancer quickly. 

* Prediction is Bruins in 5; or Tampa in 7 depending on who wins the ECF

EDIT: Getting lots of love on the "Hope the Canucks get swept in the Finals" Facebook status :) 


  1. i agree with you. east all the way!

  2. Hell yeah! screw the Canuckleheads!

  3. diehard sharks fan.. kinda depressed at the moment.. lol

  4. ouch man, I know the feeling, losing in overtime hurts bad (see round 1 :( )

  5. Eh I think the Canucks are miles above any talent in the East and so is San Jose.

  6. Lol, is a Canuck a beaver?


    Hi Kunaydeeya, my favourite neighbors, ay?

  7. hahaha. it's actually a whale.